Dear members of Kyokushin-kan:
Kancho Royama, European Vice-Chairman Mr. Slipenchuk and I have had several meetings regarding the organization in Europe. After input from those of you that I have had the pleasure to meet or contact, I would like to summarize some of the issues concerning the European Kyokushin-kan Organization (EKO).
The organizational chart of the EKO will be as follows:
Chairman: Jose A. Millan
Vice-Chairman: Mikhail Slipenchuk
The organizational European Committee chart will be decided later.

This is our only Official Website for Europe. Here we will publish important events that are international and European.
The official language is English, but links can be added to provide translations for other languages. The Country Representative (a Branch Chief or a Dojo Operator in case there is not a CR) will be in charge of an accurate translation and updating information into your language. Please send them to me ( eko-honbu@kyokushinkan.eu ) directly with a copy (CC) to Vice-Chairman Mr. Slipenchuk ( ifc@metropol.ru ) and Kyokushin-kan International General Secretary Mr. Enami (honbu@royama.com ). For your own country campings, seminars or for individual matters you have your own web page. In this way, we will maintain the true philosophy of Kyokushin-kan and provide equal opportunities for all European countries.

If you are thinking of holding a European Championship or a European Cup with the attendance of Kancho and other important Japanese members, you need to tell us six months in advance. If it is an international championship and Kancho is not going to attend, three months are enough.

Kancho Royama, Vice-Chairman Mr. Slipenchuk and I wish for the growth and expansion of Kyokushin-kan in Europe and for this to happen we need your support. You have done a great job up to now. Kancho is very proud of you: EKO is a priority for Kyokushin-kan International.

After I took charge of the EKO Chairmanship two years ago we held the 1st European Championship in Kiev, organized by Sensei Eduard Yeremenko and turned out being a great success.Last year we had the European Cup in Hungary, organized by Sensei Sandor Brezovai, and again was a great success.
We are going slowly but steadily advancing in the road to expanding Kyokushin-kan, but we are still very few. It is necessary not only to take care of your own dojos and students, but to contact old friends in your country or in others, because people sometimes are undecided as they not know which Kyokushin to follow.

For the European Kyokushin-kan Organization to become a great success, we need all the input we can get. Any important questions, suggestions or ideas are welcome.

We may have unintentionally omitted someone in the list of EKO countries. This is due to you have not been registered in the Honbu International web page. Only the countries registered in that page will be recognized. In this case,let us know or tell them to write to us.

Let us once again be the strongest karate of the world!

Jose A. Millan
European Kyokushin-kan Organization Chairman

PS. Please send your face picture directly to jjoseamillan@yahoo.com to be included in the gEKO Countriesh list.